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Let’s be real: sometimes the best things in life have their downside. A prime example, cannabis. For beginners, what do you do if you get too high? 

If you ask any stoner out there, about the term “greened out,” they may have a story that perfectly sums it up. The term “greening out” simply means when your body has had too much THC, and rejects it. This usually involves getting the spins, nausea, and vomiting in most cases after the sesh. In some cases, hallucinations may occur. 

Not anything to fear as it happens to the best of us. Luckily, here at Zero Gravity, we’ve curated some suggestions for if/when this happens to you. Below are 5 things we suggest to do if you get too high:

#5: Drink Up!

Water is your best friend when the edibles kick in a little too late. Just like if you’ve had too much to drink, hydration is key. However, don’t go too hard with the H2O, as too much liquid intake may make things worse. 

#4: Have a Bite!

You can never go wrong with having a light snack when the dabs kick butt. We wouldn’t necessarily recommend a Big Mac, but something easy to consume and light on the stomach would be best. Try cheese and crackers, or maybe a granola bar. For even more help, try lemon, black peppercorn, or pine nuts. Each of those can help counteract your high!

#3: Remain Calm!

Panicking isn’t fun for anyone, ever. The worst thing to do when you’re too baked is to flip out. Take some deep breaths! Throw on your favorite show, relax on the couch, and b r e a t h. Everything comes to an end eventually, as will this.

#2: Counteract with CBD!

As silly as it may sound, a popular method to counteract your greening out is with CBD. Whether it’s tinctures, edibles, or flower, CBD attaches to different receptors in your brain. Sinch CBD is non-psychoactive, indulging won’t necessarily get you too stoned. Instead, it will fight the THC and help your mental and physical relax in a time of worry.

#1: When in Doubt, Pass Out!

If all else isn’t working, maybe it’s time to hit the hay. The one benefit to being too stoned is that you’ll sleep. And sleep. And sleep. Sleeping off your high is an easy way to help reduce your greening out. You may feel groggy when you wake up, but hopefully the high is gone or far less intense after a good night’s rest. 

All in all, it is best to keep track of what your tolerance can handle, to easily avoid greening out. It’s not the end of the world if it occurs, and certainly not one to ditch Mary Jane over.

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