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One Of Our Newest Strains To Skyrocket In Popularity Is GASTRO POP By Compound Genetics. What A Beautiful Flower! Lets See How She Smokes! 

Gastro Pop is a modern weed strain from top breeder Compound Genetics. Gastro Pop is a cross of Apples & Bananas and Grape Gas. There are multiple variants of Gastro Pop called phenotypes

Gastro pop strain review

Gastro-Pop Review

that are numbered. Top phenos include Gastro Pop #5 and Gastro Pop #28. Compound Genetics considered the parent Grape Gas as one of their ‘royal families’β€”superb for making crosses. Gastro Pop has an elite, dramatic look and spicy, sugary, grape, purple fizzy aroma to match. The indica hybrid effects are perfect for relaxing and stoking the appetite for dinner or dessert. You’ll also find Grape Gas powering Pink Certz, Stay Puft, and Glitter Bomb.

Gastro Pop’s lineage produces an effect that’s more cerebral than body-heavy, making it a good choice for pain relief without couchlock. Gastro Pop is also great for social situations, easing anxiety and sparking laughter.

I chose to wait until I had the apartment to myself before documenting my personal experience with the Hybrid strain, Gastro Pop. I thought maybe I would have some profound discovery or details to share, but after a measly two puffs, I found this particular bud turns me incredibly introspective. The Ancient Apocalypse documentary isn’t even enough to distract me from combing my body with my eyes while appreciating the welcoming buzz resonating from my brain to my fingertips. I would have to agree that I don’t feel locked, but also more than content to not do anything. I thoroughly enjoy the physical and mental relief this experiment has brought me, especially after a tiring day at work. 10/10, would recommend this flower for anytime you need to unwind and watch your trivial worries dissipate into thin air.

Reviewed by Jesse of Zero Gravity Cannabis