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Employee Strain Review of Fruit Loops OG, a 60/40 indica hybrid, bred Aligee Genetics and grown by Zero Gravity Cannabis.

Fruit loops OG, FL, Fruity loops, where to begin, patients of ours all over have been keeping their eyes out for more and more of this strain. And who can blame them? It smells like a fresh bowl of fruit with light green buds on lowers and very dark purple colors on top.

Within a few puffs of a joint of Fruit Loops OG I immediately felt relaxed and slowed down. It is the perfect strain for after work or before bed. My eyes felt heavy quickly and I began to raid the kitchen for snacks. In my opinion, it’s the perfect indica hybrid mix. Definitely, one of our most reliable strains when it comes to growing and for smoking. If you haven’t had the chance to try one of our most sought-after strains, you’re missing out!

Reviewed by Brady of Zero Gravity Cannabis, Grow Team


Fruit Loops OG