Maine Marijuana Extracts

We grow diverse strains for refined palates. Maine craft cannabis is Maine’s best concentrate. It all starts with quality cannabis flower. Our flower is grown in a State certified facility with a completely closed environment. Over the years we have re-invested our profit into making sure we are using the latest and greatest in environmental controls. Environment, genetics, experience, time and nutrients is the foundation of producing fire cannabis. We believe the quality of your bud is a direct correlation to the amount of time spent in your rooms. We spend a lot of time in our rooms.

You can’t get top shelf extracts without premium fire craft cannabis or state of the art talented extractors. Whatever processing we don’t do in-house we outsource to the most talented extractors. A few of our overflow extraction partners are East Coast Gold, Royal River Botanicals, and Coast 2 Coast Extracts.

  • Live Rosin

    It’s one of the most sought-after collaborations in Maine. Zero Gravity Cannabis grown and Royal River Botanicals extracted solventless extracts. We hunt and grow cultivars specifically for solventless extraction, phenotypes with terpene flavor profiles that are best for solventless hash. The cultivators at Zero Gravity and the extractors at Royal River all have 20+ years experience at their craft.

  • Bobblehead Bars

    Bobblehead bars are a THC packed treat that’s out of this world! Vegan and gluten free options now available. *Pending official testing & certification for GF and vegan options.

    Available in Plain Jane, Total Eclipse, Moons & Martians, Planet Butter Cup, Cookies & Cream, Mint, Toffee, and Cosmic Crunch.

  • Vape Cartridges

    (PG and PEG Free) THC and CBD vape cartridges available in various strengths and rations. We have pure THC cartridges in both distillate and full spectrum forms and CBD in isolate and full spectrum. Our primary cart is a mixture of THC distillate, real cannabis terpenes and CBD oil with various cannabinoids, terpenes, lipids, fats, proteins and flavinoids.  Trust in our purity & strength. Everything is lab tested with a certificate of analysis.

  • Shatter

    The reason our shatter comes out so transparent has to do with the molecules which, if left undisturbed, form a glass-like appearance. Heat, moisture, strain, cannabinoid and high terpene content will affect the texture, turning oils into a runnier substance that resembles sap (hence the commonly used nickname “sap”). Oils with a consistency that falls somewhere between glassy shatter and viscous sap is often referred to as “pull-and-snap.”

  • Caviar Hash

    Caviar was developed by East Coast Gold in Bangor, Maine. Loaded with high cannabinoids and terpenes, caviar hash is not for the novice smoker. With THC potency reaching high 80s in concentrated percentages, this cannabis extract is meant for people with experience. Vibrant, potent and extremely tasty, caviar hash has been a favorite for Maine cannabis consumers for years.

  • Live Resin

    Cannabis live resin has been a staple in the Maine concentrates market for years. As with everything, the quality of the live resin is predicated on the inputs. We process with high quality resin & terpene-rich fresh frozen bud allowing for an extremely tasty experience!

  • Luminosa

    Created by Royal River Botanicals here in Maine, Luminosa hash is a hydrocarbon extracted hash product. Rich in flavorful terpenes the consistency of this hash is based on the product being extracted. Luminosa is typically the consistency of THCA crystals saturated with Terps.

Extraction Fees

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