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Employee Strain Review of Award-Winning Devil’s Toast, a Sativa Hybrid, bred and grown by Zero Gravity Cannabis.

Good Mornin’ Zero Gravity’s Devil’s Toast! Bred by crossing Devil’s Tit x French Toast, this terpy sativa will be your go to β€˜Wake & Bake’ strain. Devil’s Tit welcomes a spicy, herbal sativa with an exhilarating body high to get you going, while indica dominant French Toast lifts any onset of racing thoughts or accompanying anxiety. What is produced is a full-bodied, forest green nugs covered in light orange hairs, dripping with trichomes. As soon as you open the bag, you are overwhelming notes of warm sugar, oats, spice, and everything nice. 

Devils Toast is known for its euphoric, uplifting effects, but also, gentle high onset that helps with focusing racing thoughts. Baked and bred, French Toast’s indica lineage helps round out the profile and adds warm notes of sugar and cinnamon to the taste. A must have for any sativa lover as Devil’s Toast smokes smooth, as if wrapped in a warm crepe and covered in rich maple syrup.

Users should expect the uplifting effects that come with any sativa, but notice a more focused and level high. Devil’s Toast is ideal for pain and stress relief without compromising energy. While known for her speed-demon like effects, the Devil in this terp heavy Toast gives a balanced, overall body high and makes for a proper AM strain.

From the nose to the smoke, Devil’s Toast is a sativa for the sativa smokers, hands down!

Reviewed by Parker of Zero Gravity Cannabis, Dispatch Manager

Devil’s Toast

2022 Maine Necann 2nd Place Winner: Solvent concentrate