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A Zero Gravity Original, This Strain Is An Ideal Stoner’s Breakfast

Rise & shine my stoners! Today the Coastal Girl is bringing you an ideal wake and bake strain coming from the folks at ZG in Saco. So let’s get right into it!

First off, our girl today is Devil’s Toast, a clever cross of Devil’s Tit and French Toast. Entirely bred and selected by Zero Gravity’s talented cultivation team, she most certainly stands out as spicy, and fruity sativa. Devil’s Tit is a very intense, body-exhilarating high from what I’ve read, and is a very strong sativa to even the most advanced sativa smokers. Her co-parent, French Toast, is the exact opposite. This girl tends to give the user a heavy couch-lock feel, and will make ya lazy. That being said, I’m eager to see how Devil’s Toast is gonna make me feel. Ooof.

The second I opened the jar of Toast, I picked up on hints of berries, citrus, and slight skunk on the nose. Delightful as fuck on the smell, the nugs looked even better. The nugs were thick, tight, and when broke apart gave off fumes of citrus and skunk, it was so strong. I will be honest, my fingers weren’t tooo sticky after playing around with the nugs, but that doesn’t mean that this girl won’t knock my socks off.

So let’s get to that part already! For the written portion of this interview, I decided to pack her up in bong. However, for the video portion, ya girl rolled up. I like to keep it fresh.

I ripped the bong, coughed a few times, and here’s what I noticed: the high first set to my eyes, causing them to get heavier. I picked up on those slight berry notes on the inhale, with a nice breath of citrus on the exhale. Although my eyes felt weight, my body felt energy. I didn’t slump, but rather more positive energy. No sort of mental discomfort follows, just a clear head to get daily projects going. I’m truly not much of a sativa girl, but the more I try them, the more satisfied I am with the high. A clear head equals more confidence and efficiency in completing tasks. We love weed that makes us productive!

As the high settled some more, I did feel a sense of physical relief throughout as well, but again not one that would make me want to stay on the couch. I will say, my eyes were pretty slumped but hey I can deal with that if it’s not got going to keep me in bed.

All in all, the fruity Devil’s Toast by ZGC is going to get a 7.5/10 from ya girl. She’s wonderful to have with your breakfast, a pre-smoke for those morning chores, and the smells and tastes are divine. This girl is worth a try, but if you enjoy too much, don’t be surprised if the weight on your eyes gets too heavy and you need an afternoon nap!

I appreciate you taking the time to read this review, and yaself a favor and grab some Devil’s Toast next time she’s on the menu.

Stay Blazed Y’all
The Coastal Girl

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