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Find Our In-House Creation The Devil’s Toast Through Our Cannabis Delivery Service! 

Devil’s Toast is an energizing sativa strain created by crossing Devil’s Tit with French Toast. This strain borrows equal qualities from both parents, Devil’s Tit’s heavy sativa and French Toast’sdevils toast terpene profile even hybrid, creating the perfect daytime strain. With these strains working together, the resulting bud is sticky, complete with orange pistils and a heavy dose of trichomes. Devil’s Toast shows off a signature scent and taste consisting of earthy, spicy, and sweet tones with floral notes upon exhaling.
Popular for its clear-headed effects, Devil’s Toast is energizing and promotes productivity without the impending sense of anxiety that typically accompanies sativa leaning strains. After a few puffs, Devil’s Toast will kick depression to the curb and have you up and motivated to start your morning. While providing a sense of level-headedness, this euphoric strain is also perfect for enjoying a day in the sun, or for giving you the energy to finally get around to putting away that basket of clean laundry. Whatever your day looks like, Devil’s Toast is a great sidekick to bring along for the ride.
Upon initially trying Devil’s Toast I was skeptical because of the anxiety that results from most sativa strains, however after a few puffs I was proved wrong. For anyone who medicates to start the day like myself, this strain is the perfect β€˜cup of coffee’. While I mainly utilize this strain to treat depression and motivate myself to start the day, I have also learned that this is the perfect remedy for boosting confidence in social settings.
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