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Bred In Maine, This hybrid Knows How To Represent The 207.

Hey all! The Coastal Girl is reporting back here with another strain review for Zero Gravity. This week we are bringing in a 100% native Maine strain, and being a NECANN award winner, she’s definitely worth a taste.

I had never heard of such a name before, but I was eager to see her on the menu and just HAD to give her a try.

Bred locally in southern Maine by Chief Seed Co., Cherry Ghostenade is a hefty cross of Cherry Ghost and Lemon Hashplant. I personally haven’t tried either parent strains, but based on my reading, Cherry Ghost is a skunky girl with lots of cherries on the nose and tends to be a heavy indica. Lemon Hashplant, more on the citrusy side of things, is read to give the user a peaceful and euphoric experience. Ok, this sounds f*cking amazing. Let’s dive in already!

Upon opening, Cherry Ghostenade smacked me with those strong skunk, cherry, and citrus notes. My nose swelled up with happiness. Her cure was a happy medium between dry and soft, and was so freakin’ sticky to the touch you’d almost want to wear gloves while handling her.

The tastes of the CG certainly match the aroma profile. Those same strong skunk, cherries, and citrus make a strong appearance as you exhale her smoke.

Speaking of smoke, let’s get into that!

I’m always to call her a creeper train, because the high from this girl was so sudden and strong for ya girl it literally felt like I was hit by a train out of nowhere. We ain’t complaining though! The high absolutely tingles the whole body, giving relief to all corners. My eyes suffered the most, as they were practically closed after enjoying a couple good bong packs. I would not recommend her for the light smoker, as she may come on way too strong. Perhaps in small doses, you could also feel a mild version of the Cherry Ghostenade.

If you’re like me though, you’re gonna go hard or go home. I want that pain relief for my sore joints, mental clarity for ongoing life events, and just overall euphoria after a long day’s work.

Overall, Cherry Ghostenade is going to receive a fat 10 from ya girl! The high, cure, and smell literally check all of my boxes. I find her ideal for my evening smoke, and sometimes as an aphrodisiac if we’re gonna be honest honest. Absolutely worth a try in my eyes.

Stay High Y’all,

The Coastal Girl

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Your absolutely right this cherry ghostenade is one of my favorite strains now. Really good with pain relief go easy with it or your going to be in a comatose state. The taste is like a citrus with heus of skunky diesel.

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