Employee Strain Review of Cherry Ghostenade, a 60/40 indica hybrid, bred Chief Tokah Seeds and grown by Zero Gravity Cannabis.

Cherry Ghostenade has been designated as an indica leaning hybrid cross of Lemon Hash Plant x Cherry Ghost, bred by Maine local Chief Tokah Seeds. This lovely cultivar exemplifies loud lemon cherry funk, a true grade A new school remix of old school Lemon HP, Cherry, and the Ghost cut of OG Kush. The nose on CG is punchy lemon cherry, spicy pepper matched with sweet earthy terps… Subtle undertones emerge of red berries, dark berries, and spearmint.

Zero Grav’s standout Cherry Ghostenade buds are deep green with flecks of purple, plum, blackberry, and even magenta so dark they first appear nearly black. Very few deep earth toned stigmas are present. Stem structure has been stabilized and absolutely none of the buds I got required any cleaning or destemming before going into the grinder. Mostly mid density nuggets, tight clusters in conical and flared buds, primarily between a quarter and half gram each in my bag. Medium heavy trich production covering on nugs, the trichcombs appear more than usual as frozen ice crystalline structures, as if deep frozen outside on a Maine deep winter overnight. Some nugs, maybe 10 percent, have an alternate pheno appearance presenting the infamous sickly looking OG chunked bud structure in a lighter green, while most have denser, tighter, less flaky composition with some bulbous structure. Bag had no chaffee or shake inside. Larger buds required being snapped and broken apart; they all retained great shape without any edges flattened against the inside of the bag. Quite tastefully manicured by the trim team, cleaned without looking machine-trimmed or overdone. Sugar leaves are veiled in crystals. Under the jeweler’s loupe trich heads are ample, translucent, and very clean as well as free of color. Buds are moist without being wet. To the touch CG nugs have a tiny bit of sponge to them, quite easy to break down by hand and very viable for hand broken blunt pack. Med fine grinder left plenty of whole flower material mixed with finer chaffee, NO powder or dusty flower material, but nice kief puddle under grinds. After grinding, terps are even more pronounced. Very complex and alluring fresh floral fruity funk and hash under heavy cherry, spicy pepper, and sweet kushy mint forward profile. The top shelf terps eek out as soon as the bag has been unsealed. Very smooth to roll up in Raw Black rolling paper, and my ritual “dry rip” unlit drag from my handrolled cigarette tastes like spicy then sweet, very cherry, lemon, pepper and sweet mint Kush. Overwhelmingly delicious flavor from first draw on lit joint. Cherry, lemon, and pepper funk on inhale, spicy and sweetmint kushy exhale, sweet cherry hash and perhaps a tiny bit of sour cherry leftover mouth feel. Flowers burned smooth, straight, and even, indicative of a slow and steady dry and cure processes. Jay went out after a couple min rest without having to stamp the coal out. On relight, the second half of j is much stronger flavor- hashier, spicier, and maybe sour too. Still flawless taste, thoroughly enjoyed in full. Little to no cough forced, mouth feel on a cough was lovely… All limonene, caryophyllene, myrcene, linalool, and hash. Smoke was smooth enough to ghost and french inhale the whole joint. Blunt stayed lit, immaculate flavor- faced in full.

(For me personally) – While enjoying a small dose, I felt focused, clear headed, creative, articulate, a boosted happy & hopeful mood, thoughtful, no rush or anxiety, but a lovely splash of energy.

cherry ghost maine cannabis

Cherry Ghostenade

Felt strong connection to self, true bliss, and a strengthened groundedness. Upon arriving at medium doses, I felt aware, chatty, hungry, and focused pain relief simultaneously in gut, physical injury location, as well as chronic pain areas. In meditation I was emotionally stirred into a therapeutic space of catharsis. Immediately afterwards I felt in-touch, secure, cleansed, and homeostatic. During and after a high dose of Cherry Ghostenade, I was dancing, rhythmic, deeply introspective, motivated, full of clarity and liberation, gratitude, hungry and thirsty without dry mouth or munchies. Grounded., Connected, Meditative, Peaceful, in touch with inner guru, Thriving in my process. Fulfilled and trusting of my purpose in a much greater process. Reflective and therapeutic. A bit lazy to get up and begin chores after a peaceful rest recharge session. Admittedly I Iost track of a bit of time, but in the best way. Recovery day was beautifully supplemented with ZG’s CG. Very joyous smoke. Many of the day’s ailments, aches and pain were treated during the low and mid doses. This is unique to a select number of cultivars I have medicated with, perhaps 15%. Once I enjoyed a larger dose I was able to tap deeper into the self and both access and channel a unique depth and breadth of flow during spiritual ritual. Cherry and Hash Plant descendants are many of my favorites, as well as countless cuts and crosses of OG Kush strains… However, the Ghost OG batches I have smoked are often a bit too heady and not enough body for me, I also don’t always favor the sweet funky spearmint forward profile… However, the very best of Ghost seems to remain present and come through as delicious and delightful tones underneath the cherry lemon and hash heavy family genes of CG.

Zero Gravity’s Cherry Ghostenade is clean, healthy, happy, stable cannabis and my biggest takeaway from the CG experience was how overwhelmingly evident this is. The Filter tip stayed resin free for the entire half g roll as well as my 2g blunt. During my wake & bake session I made tea, stretched, did a creative writing project, outdoor morning meditation, listened to favorite tracks, and enjoyed some early morning cereal! My second session was more Cherry Ghost midday for an easy and aromatic handbroken CG blunt wrapped in a Game green natural leaf… Slow, smooth, and steady burn. Lovely process, holistic sensory ritual. Music and sunshine, fresh air complemented. Yoga and spiritual practice, New music discovery, Self love self care routine. (For me) CG is heady enough for daytime productivity, social stimulation, yet balanced within the rest of my body to keep serious pain and anxiety in check while complementing mindful mood strengthening creative endeavors or simple relaxation and recovery. Worth “top tier / top shelf” status and extra cost without question. In addition to the ZG primer shelf, cherry Ghostenade sits high and mighty on the top shelf of my medicine cabinet. I recommend this blissful cultivar for a day off or vacation, and it will treat you as kindly and mindfully as you treat CG. Whether you love writing or reading or music or film or dance or performance or yoga or nature exploration, I highly recommend saving some of this bud for when you find the time, space, and mind space and do what you love most, at your pace, for you. Please do enjoy fam, blessings

Reviewed by Laurier Raymond or ‘LO’, of Zero Gravity Cannabis, Delivery Team

More about the reviewer: Seasoned 12+ year daily flower fumigator and the last few years also daily dabber. Considered by the weedy world to be neurologically a “backwards” weed smoker i.e. I medicate with ‘indica’ cannabis varieties all morning and all day as they affect me in quite the reverse manner as they are most often reported by others. Four years a med card holder, I usually smoke before breakfast thru bedtime for a number of conditions. Primarily cannabis has helped me with finding and maintaining internal and external homeostasis/ balance/ stability, mindfulness, spirituality, understanding and healing consciousness, widespread chronic pain, depression, anxiety, appetite stim, GI/ gut issues, and insomnia, as well as connection to myself, my community, nature, and the Universe. Currently I’m in sale week & ski day recovery on the day of review