Industry workers are calling this β€œheadspace” in cannabis vape Cartridges. 

Cannabis cartridge reservoirs are built to be slightly larger than the volume. The bottom, metal base, of the cartridge has a chamber that contains the ceramic heating element that vaporizes the oil in the cartridges, and it begins to absorb the oil right after being filled. While the vape cartridge is being used, the oil filters into the bottom atomizer chamber where the heating element is. Due to this, the vape cartridge is primed to use right away after purchasing.

Here at Zero Gravity, our THC carts are filled following manufacturing standards to 1g of concentrate oil. Our 2:1 THC:CBD carts are unique, popular for their balanced high and flavorful terpenes. And our Live Resin Vape Carts are cannabis concentrate made from freshly frozen flower. During the extraction process, we work to preserve the terpenes and flavonoids leading to a full spectrum vape cartridge experience for our patients.

NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Get ready for our new disposable live carts! These perfect, pocket size vapes are a must have for the busy on-the-go stoner, or those looking to just hang out and puff on the couch.

cannabis vape cartridge


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