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Employee Strain Review of Big Smooth, a 60/40 indica hybrid, bred Exotic Genetix and grown by Zero Gravity Cannabis.

The beautifully bushy strain known as Big Smooth is an indica dominant hybrid. This bud was blessed into the world by pollinating a female OG Blueberry with a male Cookies & Cream. (Shout out to Exotic Gentix for her delicious creation!) This bud reminds me of a magical meadow with her shape and flavor. She’s a dense, but bushy, nug with a tight structure. The shade of green is a light moss color, covered in sparkles due to the rich trichome density and the addition of bright orange hairs all over the bud structure give it an added sense of beauty. The smell and taste of this strain is sweet and earthy with notes of skunk that give it a stunning balance.

The name of this stain is a great description for its medicated effects. The high comes on strong and fast but leaves you feeling mellow and relaxed. It’s a great end of the day smoke. Smokers be warned, this strain has the ability to cough-lock. Giving a mighty mind and body high, Big Smooth ain’t no bs. She’s a heavy hitter for the indica lovers out there. A good choice of strain for stimulating the appetite before dinner. And a great choice for relieving metal stress or physical pain before bedtime.

After my first hit from of Big Smooth, I was immediately in love. I’m a designated indica smoker. I experience frequent mental stress from anxiety and chronic back/body pain due to having 2 titanium rods surgically bolted to my spine. It takes a high-grade product to tackle my level of body pain. And Big Smooth is the strain to do a solid jobβ€”and then some!

I’ve tried every indica strain Zero Gravity has to offer. Of my top 5, Big Smooth comes in hot at #3. The mental and physical winding down at the end of the day can be a challenge and Big Smooth has been a godsend for me.

Reviewed by Brittany of Zero Gravity Cannabis, Inventory

Big Smooth