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Medical Cannabis is a powerful tool in treating various health conditions. New Strains are constantly being released, but it can be tough to find a match for your medical needs. 

To help you through the process we’ve done some research in pairing our strains with common health conditions. Here are 5 ailments that have shown impressive results with 5 of our popular strains: 

Please note, we aren’t medical professionals. This is not medical advice and any specific questions should be consulted with a health professional. Medical marijuana isn’t for everyone and we do not condone mixing medical cannabis products with pharmaceuticals and always remember to keep out of reach of children.  

Depression – Many cannabis users treat depression with medical marijuana to alleviate symptoms. Certain marijuana strains can uplift the user into a state of euphoria. Laughter, smiling, and overall positivity can result from these particular strains. 

Strain(s) we’d recommend for depression and anxiety: Mr. Clean, Miracle Alien Cookies, & Wonka Bars

Insomnia –  Whether it happens often or not, insomnia strikes when your mind and body just can’t relax. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, indica strains are almost always recommended as they can assist with turning off the stress from the day. A powerful indica strain acts as a body relaxer. The effects are heavy and less heady. 

Strain(s) we’d recommend: Purple Punch, Kimbo Kush, & Fruit Loops

Crohn’s Disease: Medical marijuana isn’t the cure, but can help alleviate several symptoms involved with Crohn’s Disease. Cannabis is high in anti-inflammatory properties, which can provide relief for those suffering from this inflammation-based disease. Strains that assist in relieving nausea, lack of appetite, fatigue, and inflammation are recommended. 

Strain(s) we’d recommend: Guava Tangie, Cherry Ghostenade, & Mr. Clean

Anxiety – One of the most common mental conditions, over 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety (ADAA Factsheet). Medical marijuana hasn’t been a proven cure for anxiety, as there isn’t a set cure today, but cannabis can help reduce the intensity of symptoms. Indica-leaning hybrids are recommended as they relax the user, and assist in de-stressing certain situations. 

Strain(s) we’d recommend: Vanilla Frosting, Cherry Ghostenade, & Big Smooth

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder – A condition that causes excessive and intrusive thoughts usually caused by fear, that can result in repetitive or compulsive behavior.  1% of the United States population are diagnosed with OCD. This condition can intrude on everyday tasks, however medical marijuana could help improve these conditions. Although not a cure, sativa-leaning strains give the user the ability to focus on the task at hand, and could potentially help intrusive thoughts.

Strain(s) we’d recommend: Devil’s Toast, Redbone, & Wonka Bars

In conclusion, medical marijuana has been studied for years and has displayed several properties in reducing the symptoms of countless health conditions. Medical cannabis products are not the cure for these conditions but do help with some patients. Always consult a health professional to see if medical marijuana and its properties can benefit you!

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