About Zero Gravity Cannabis

Zero Gravity Cannabis has a combined 30+ years cultivating Maine medical marijuana and craft cannabis. Our offerings include flower, all forms of cannabis concentrates and edibles. As we enter the era of recreational legalization, quality and customer satisfaction is our company’s ethos.

What We Do

Maine is known the country over for quality craftsmanship in everything we do, be it boat building, lobstering, fishing, blueberry vegetable farming, and cannabis. We were one of the first states to adopt medical marijuana and have been honing the craft ever since. The cultivators at Zero Gravity Cannabis are essential in providing the end result, the best cannabis flower & concentrates on the market.

Fire In, Fire Out

Fire in fire out as they say, but we can’t discount the last step in the process, the extractors. We have an in house lab run by extractors with decades of experience. Being on site ensures freshness many others can’t offer, not much different than buying your lobster right off the boat. As we gear up for recreational legalization the cream rises to the top, especially in the expensively regulated extraction business. We hold our processors to high standards. Safety first, state of the art equipment and most importantly a third party tested verified clean product.