Portland Maine Cannabis (weed) Delivery

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We’ve been delivering weed in Maine for years now with Portland always being the busiest zone While a Google search of cannabis-friendly cities that have weed delivery pulls up big names like Denver, Las Vegas, and San Diego, over here on the East Coast we know that’s just because we’re a hidden gem (or maybe […]

9/22/22 Medical In-Store Product Drops

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Imperial Connections (Bangor, ME) Pre-rolls: Galaxy Blend, Cherry Ghost, Guava Tangie, Fruit Loops, Jelly Rancher, Lemon Lava, MAC, Mr. Clean, Purple Punch, Red Runtz, Lift-Off Sativa 5-pack, Moon Landing Indica 5-pack Cartridges: Vanilla Frosting Live, OG Live, Mr. Clean Live, Wonka Bar Live Shatter: Devil’s Toast, MAC Vacationland (Turner, ME) Flower: Guava Tangie Pre-rolls: Galaxy […]

Why Are There Bubbles In Vape Cartridges?


Industry workers are calling this “headspace” in cannabis vape Cartridges.  Cannabis cartridge reservoirs are built to be slightly larger than the volume. The bottom, metal base, of the cartridge has a chamber that contains the ceramic heating element that vaporizes the oil in the cartridges, and it begins to absorb the oil right after being […]