Portland Maine Cannabis (weed) Delivery

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We’ve been delivering weed in Maine for years now with Portland always being the busiest zone While a Google search of cannabis-friendly cities that have weed delivery pulls up big names like Denver, Las Vegas, and San Diego, over here on the East Coast we know that’s just because we’re a hidden gem (or maybe […]

9/22/22 Medical In-Store Product Drops

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Imperial Connections (Bangor, ME) Pre-rolls: Galaxy Blend, Cherry Ghost, Guava Tangie, Fruit Loops, Jelly Rancher, Lemon Lava, MAC, Mr. Clean, Purple Punch, Red Runtz, Lift-Off Sativa 5-pack, Moon Landing Indica 5-pack Cartridges: Vanilla Frosting Live, OG Live, Mr. Clean Live, Wonka Bar Live Shatter: Devil’s Toast, MAC Vacationland (Turner, ME) Flower: Guava Tangie Pre-rolls: Galaxy […]

Why Are There Bubbles In Vape Cartridges?


Industry workers are calling this β€œheadspace” in cannabis vape Cartridges.  Cannabis cartridge reservoirs are built to be slightly larger than the volume. The bottom, metal base, of the cartridge has a chamber that contains the ceramic heating element that vaporizes the oil in the cartridges, and it begins to absorb the oil right after being […]