New Delivery Service Hours

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Our Cannabis Delivery Service Will Be Operating With A New Schedule. Please Take Note!  As we wind down the summer months we need to adjust our delivery service hours accordingly. It’s always tough on our regular delivery service customers when we cut back the hours, but its a necessary evil unfortunately! A couple things we […]

Devil’s Toast Strain Review

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Find Our In-House Creation The Devil’s Toast Through Our Cannabis Delivery Service!  Devil’s Toast is an energizing sativa strain created by crossing Devil’s Tit with French Toast. This strain borrows equal qualities from both parents, Devil’s Tit’s heavy sativa and French Toast’s even hybrid, creating the perfect daytime strain. With these strains working together, the […]

8/10/22 Medical In-Store Product Drops

Medical In-Store Product Drops

B&B Cultivation Flower: Big Smooth, Cherry Ghost, Fruit Loops, Kimbo Kush, Royal Oak, Mr. Clean, Sunset Runtz CBD Badder: Vanilla Frosting Live Resin: Vanilla Frosting Sugar: Lemon Lava, Pink, Cherry Ghost Distillate Carts: Agent Orange, Pineapple Express, Runtz Live Carts: Jelly Rancher, Redbone, Sour Banana Larry Vacationland Flower: Fruit Loops, Cherry Ghost Prerolls: Kimbo Kush, […]