Medical In-Store Product Drops, Product Drops

Above and Beyond (464 Main St, Damariscotta, ME)

  • Packaged Flower: Guava Tangie, Kimbo Kush, Sunset Runtz, Jelly Rancher, Lemon Lava
  • Full Spectrum Distillate Cartridges (.5 grams): Strawberry Diesel

Hallowell 420 (31 Water St, Hallowell, ME 04347)

  • Extracts: Pink Slush, MAC Slush

The Shack (1654 Carl Boggi Hwy, Lebanon, ME)

  • Packaged Flower: Big Smooth, Cherry Ghostenade, Devil’s Toast, Gastro Pop, Jelly Rancher, Guava Tangie, Kimbo Kush, Lemon Lava, M.A.C., Mr. Clean, Royal Oak, Redbone, Vanilla Frosting, Sour Banana Larry
  • Edibles: Caramels (100mg)

Pied Cow (373 Main St, South Berwick, ME)

  • Pre-Rolls: Assorted

Marks Organix (134 State Rd, Kittery, ME)

  • Flower: M.A.C., Cherry Ghostenade, Purple Punch

Gas Gas Medical (1105 Hammond St, Bangor, ME)

  • Edibles: Plain Jane Bobblehead Bars, Planet Butter Bobblehead Bars, Orange Moon Bobblehead Bars, Cosmic Crunch Bobblehead Bars, Total Eclipse Bobblehead Bars, Black Out Bobblehead Bars, Caramels (100mg), Caramels (500mg)